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Property Management

Whether it’s the letting and marketing of an apartment building, an office building or mixed-use property, of industry-related properties, business parks or entire portfolios – we take care of the initial and subsequent letting as well as upcoming lease contract renewals. Our experienced local managers know the regional markets! Because: all business is local.

European  player in property management

We are an authority in real estate, top tier property manager in Europe and we are the largest property manager in the Netherlands. We have specialized teams in the area of property management in 9 European countries.

With a history reaching back to 1953 we bundle knowledge and skills of property management in various sectors and offer our customers fully integrated services with international experience and knowledge of the local market. We manage offices, multi-tenants buildings, retail, shopping centers, residential assets, hotels, logistics, industrial assets and more.

With more than 1,500 employees and 42 MVGM offices, we work for national and international investors, banks and financiers, housing associations, entrepreneurs, insurance companies, governments and government agencies.