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Unplanned but requited losing and re-opening of assets?

2 years ago

Responding to the disruptions faced during the COVID-19 outbreak and requests from our tenants, clients and investors, MVGM has launched the COVID-19 technical team; a pan-European team that helps all our customers with property management challenges during this time. The team brings best practices across Europe and is able to respond immediately in current climate’s swift changes. It is specifically geared up to collaborate and support you with the unplanned but required closing and re-opening of your assets.


If you have any questions, ask your MVGM point of contact for help or reach out to the MVGM Covid-19 Technical Team: Miguel Kreiseler (PT and teamlead), Christian Germis (BE), Frantisek Malina (CZ), Kateřina Malkova (CZ), Michael Kobold (DE), Pauline Dusseldorf (LU), Michiel IIzerman (NL), Marek Marciniak (PL), Jorge Ramos (PT), Jose Galvão (PT), Liviu Marginean (RO), Miroslava Stefankova (SL), Lucia Canecka (SL), Marta García (ES), Carlos de la Poza (ES).