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The return to the offices: very cautiously and gradually

2 years ago

MGVM, has published the June report on the impact of COVID-19 on its real estate assets. This report reports analyzes , among other data ,the occupation of offices and their recovery during the month of June, reaching figures of over 88% of open offices with a priority option for teleworking and placing over 2% of office closures due to the end of contract.

Elisa Navarro, general manager of MVGM in Spain, highlights: “Both owners and tenants have successfully implemented prevention and security measures such as controlling the percentage of occupation, and/or inflows, forcing users to maintain a safety distance and strengthening hygiene and cleaning measures in all common and/or private areas through new services and facilities. However, the containment of Covid-19 in the coming months, and the risk of outbreaks involving new confinements, will affect the effects of this pandemic on the global economy, the operating accounts of companies, and the need to adjust their more structural cost lines, personnel, and by extension, their real estate costs.”

MVGM Spain COVID-19 Property Management Impact